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Who is Webtaurus?

Who is Webtaurus?

Henk van den Bor

Cocreating as a team

In a good team you can trust each other.
You encourage each other. You have each others back.
With my clients, we work as a team.

Create the space to achieve something beautiful together.

Indra Van Regemorter

Our Belgian asset. Photography, communication, debtor management and translations to and from French/English and Dutch are her specialties.

Indra guards the agenda and ensures that projects proceed according to plan. Her international background helps us to implement multilingual projects meticulously.

Indra’s passion is photography and she has also been a fan of the kitchen of Pascale Naessens from the very beginning. She also wrote a blog while living in France. You can take a peak at

Unburdening, solving and thinking along

Kasper assists