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Rates webdesign & maintenance

Rates webdesign & maintenance

What does a WordPress website cost?

What are the costs for maintaining a WordPress website?

No two companies are the same, and neither are their websites. There are simply too many variables to be able to give a clear price without a project plan. Much depends on the available building blocks. Are there texts? Are there images? Is there a clear concept?

In recent years, we have built almost all websites based on WordPress. Experience shows that mentioning an amount for the creation of a website here only creates confusion. Please contact us so we have a description of your project, and with this information we can give you a budget indication.

The prices below give you an indication of the costs associated with various activities related to a WordPress website.

Design and maintenance of WordPress website:

  • Website layout from €529
  • Maintenance – based on your information from €15 p/quarter
  • Maintenance/Update agreement from €150 p/year

Website based on an existing template/theme from € 499

Design, configuration and template work from € 75 to 115 p/hour

  • Consultation and brainstorming from €50 p/hour
  • PHP, JavaScript and Database from €115 p/hour

The above rates are exclusive of VAT and valid until 1 January 2023.


If you want a website as inexpensive as possible, we can build your pages according to an existing template. These so-called templates exist in many types and can sometimes suffice.
You can also choose to let us give you only advice, and to build the website yourself.